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Vegans do not consume any type of animal product this includes eggs, cheese, milk, etc. Apparently it is not only what goes inside the Veganís body that counts, but also what they use in their hair care. Therefore, they need their own Vegan hair care line, and they have it in Morocco Method.

Morocco Method represents 40 years of research and experimentation of good practices for the environment and incorporating Ayurvedic and Chinese herbalism. The owner, Anthony Morocco claims to have perfected a holistic program for healthier and more vibrant hair. All of the products consist of the finest organic materials. The company takes part in fair trade, which typically consists of products created by small producers that practice sustainable, environmental, and family farming manufacturing.

His line consists of the 5 elements shampoos that are supposed to be rotated for the best effect. He stresses that his henna product is the only 100 percent natural way to color and condition your hair at the same time, although true henna can only turn your hair one color naturally, red. The other hennas have to be combined with other coloring products to change the hair color. There is a non-allergenic, non-toxic and non-reactive Euro Organic Oil Conditioner and Moisturizer.

The products seem to be perfect for men, women, babies, and pets and for just about every use. You can use the shampoos to wash your hands, or your baby, or your pet. They are also 100 percent color-safe. They can also be used to remove makeup. It seems to me that this man either created the greatest products on earth, that cure all of your ailments, or itís a great green gimmick. For someone who is Vegan, it might be exactly what they are looking for, as it is gluten-free and cruelty free.

It makes one wonder though if these eco-friendly hair care lines are all that they claim to be. A question one thinks of is if natural is truly better, why are non-organic products even in existence> If these organic products are so powerful and the counterpart to the harmful mainstream products, how can the harmful ones still be on the market? Maybe these products are great, maybe they arenít. I guess the only way to truly know is to try them out and see.

Romantic Hair Care Ideas

So, you never thought hair care could be so sexy, huh? Well, it can be if done right. If you are looking for great romantic ideas that you and your partner, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend can do, hair care is one of them. The outcome is beneficial to both of you. You have fun with the person you care about, you can become more intimate, and your hair will look great.

Give A Hair Care Gift

For guys, this is a great way to tell your girl you love her. Do it the right way though. If your wife is always telling you she wants to get her hair highlighted or colored, but its just too expensive, surprise her on Christmas, her birthday or another celebration and give her this luxurious gift. If she already has a set hair stylist that you know she thinks does a great job, buy a gift certificate at that salon with that person. If you arenít sure, ask her friends, or someone other than you she may have talked to about this. And when you present it use common sense donít make it seem like she needs to get her hair done; tell her how you remember her saying she wanted to get it done, so you did it for her. Sheíll love it.

Give Each Other Scalp Massages

You donít have to do it on the same night; you can switch it up, so the person who is receiving it can truly relax. Its recommended that the man does it first, so the woman knows this is a real deal, one she is going to have to follow through on, because you already did. Ask her what her favorite scent is. If you really want to surprise her you can mix olive oil, or jojoba oil with rose, lemon, or lavender to relax. You may want her to use sandalwood for you; itís a masculine scent. Then set the mood, light beeswax, unscented or candles you know she loves, otherwise it will be irritating. Then give her the best scalp massage you can imagine. Be gently and rub her head in circular motions, just use your hands the way you would touch the rest of her body, and play with her hair. It is one of the most relaxing and intimate moments you can share.

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