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  Baby Hair Care  
It used to be very limited, only Johnson and Johnson or Baby Magic carried a line of strictly for babiesí hair care products. Many body washes could be used on the hair, as it was gentle for all of the babyís sensitive skin. Now you have so many options, you may not know where to start!

Basics for Baby

Johnson and Johnsonís Baby Shampoo is still a favorite; it gently cleanses the babies hair and is safe enough for the babyís eyes. It will not burn or sting, and when using it on your baby it is still a great choice. Some people love the Baby Magic Body Wash to use on baby and childrenís hair. It has a great smell and is also gentle. Johnsonís also offers baby shampoo with natural lavender for a calming nighttime bath. Aveeno is also pediatrician recommended. Aveenoís Soothing Relief Creamy Wash is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, it is also oatmeal based.

LíOccitane Mom and Baby

The French luxury yet affordable brand offers great mommy and baby products including some hair care. Mom and Baby Balm is a great gift for new mom. It is extremely moisturizing and very gentle on even the babyís skin and for their hair. It includes coconut oil, oatmeal, Shea Butter and Calendula.

Baby Hair Care Products for Adults

The Aveeno Baby Wash and Shampoo can be used not only for baby, but for mom also! It is tear-free and can be used on baby and adults sensitive skin. Johnsonís now also has a baby bar, a white soap as gentle as their wash to use on adult or babies. Two of the greatest products for children and adults are the newly packaged Johnsonís No More Tangle Detangling Spray and Johnsonís No More Tangles Leave-In Conditioner. These are both a great alternative for styling product, especially for curly hair. They are light, they smell great and they really do detangle, just like the product we used when we were children. They also moisturize and give a nice natural hold.

They are great products to include in your hair care regimens that are very inexpensive, less than 5 dollars! It really is a great deal, one that you can easily afford to try today. You might find these are two hair care products you just canít live without.

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