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  3 Things About Organic Hair Dye  
Did you know that you could color your hair using organic, natural products? It sounds unbelievable doesnít it? Many salon products contain very harmful chemicals. One of the most common harmful chemicals that cause allergic reactions and cancer is including p-phenylenediamine (PPD).

1. Hair Color Line for Professionals

There is a professional permanent non-toxic hair color line available from Eco Colors. The line for professionals is soy based and rich in natural essential oils of flax and castor oil. Their line is known for being usable for people who have severe allergies from itchy scalp to hair loss. Eco Colors hair color consists of flower essences and natural preservatives. Pregnant women have even used the line, with no harm to their babies.

2. Home Hair Kits

Eco Colors also provides home hair color and highlight kits. Along with the same ingredients as the Professional line it is very conditioning, a must for your hair care needs, including Vitamin E and C. This color does include PPD. The company claims it is safe because their natural soy base does not absorb the chemical.

3. Tints of Nature

Tints of Nature permanent color do not contain harmful ammonia or ammonia substance, and no parabens. Therefore, there is no irritating smell. The ingredients include organic ingredients that promote their commitment to eco-friendly hair care. They also use an extra mild, low odor peroxide. You can also purchase the Herbatint Chamomile Hair Lightener through for only 7.39! It is a combination of chamomile extract and vegetable based ingredients that lighten hair naturally with no damage. The site also offers the same brandís shampoo, and other colors from black, to red.

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