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  How to Make your Seedlings Grow  
Growing a garden takes a lot of tender, loving care. Sure, it may not be as challenging as growing a family, but you need to give your garden love and attention to ensure that those little seedlings grown into something beautiful. The best way to ensure that your seedlings will blossom into beautiful flowers and plants one day is to know what to look for:

    When you are starting a garden from seedlings, use propagation kits which can be found at any garden or hardware stores. Most propagation kits come in a four or six pack and are plastic. Consider the propagation kits the cribs for your little seedlings where they can comfortably grow in a smaller space. If your propagation kits do not come with drainage holes on the bottom, take a knife and poke some out yourself.

    Always read the instructions. Although many gardeners can go with their gut, its always a good idea to follow the seed packet directions to ensure the best success. Seed packet directions include timing, light, sowing depth, germination and growing temperatures, all of which are important in the growing and nurturing stages of seed development.

    Instead of using gardening soil right away, use a sterile seed starting mixture. Again, this is like baby food for your little seedlings. You need to let them try the baby food before they move onto solids. Sterile seed starting mix should be as moist as a wrung out sponge for the best growth conditions.

    Lighting is important for the growth of baby seedlings. Make sure you keep them by a bright window or a fluorescent tube (if you have it). Seedlings like to have sun for about 16 hours a day and shade for about 8 hours a day, just like humans.
    When you notice your seedlings sprouting leaves its time to give them fertilizer along with their watering once a week.

    When your seedlings are ready to go outside, make sure you start them off slowly. Put them in the shade first for about a half a day and let them gradually get used to the outdoor environment. Do the same when it comes to sunny and windy areas in the yard. This takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention movement, but, in the end, your little seedlings will thank you. And its worth it.

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