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  Perfect Chefs Choose A Speciality  
Most chefs will choose a specialty to focus on when they enter culinary school and as they work in the culinary industry to gain experience.  There are several different kinds of specialities to choose from, each with their own disciplines and rewards.  Youíll want to choose a specialty that excites you and fills you with passion. Following are some specialty chef positions that you might want to consider.
The head of the kitchen is the executive chef, who is in charge of the sous chef as well as everything that goes on in the kitchen. Itís the executive chef who is the supreme head of the kitchen.  To be a perfect executive chef you need to be able to plan the menu as well as make sure that every dish that goes out of the kitchen is of the highest quality.  Youíll also need to estimate the labour and food costs, order food and stock, and hire the kitchen staff.  Most executive chefs will cook food every day, working side by side with the sous chef.  Together, youíll make sure that plates go out perfectly garnished and looking great.
Now on to the sous chef, who is in reality the right hand person to the executive chef.  Itís the sous chef who is second in command of the kitchen.  If you like a challenge, the position of sous chef will be just right for you, because even though the executive chef gets all the credit for a perfectly run kitchen, itís in fact the sous chef who does most of the work.  Youíll be the one who is in charge of others in the kitchen, such as other speciality chefs, cooks, and the kitchen staff.  Another of your tasks will be to demonstrate any new cooking techniques to the kitchen.  A perfect sous chef is able to keep everything running smoothly while giving up the glory to the executive chef.
Although the executive and sous chefs are the main cooks in the kitchen, there are many speciality cooks underneath them that you might consider.  A gourmet chef is one who specializes in a certain cuisine, such as foreign dishes.  Youíll need to know how to prepare foreign delicacies as well as be able to pair the dishes off with the perfect bottle of wine.  You might want to specialize in cold food preparations, which is the role of the garde manger.  Youíll focus on pates, hors díoeuvres, salads, and cold sauces, to name a few.
A perfect chef is one who specializes in the culinary industry, working hard to perfect the tasks assigned to the speciality.

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