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Have you ever gone to a dinner party and found yourself with huge pieces of lettuce too difficult to cut with a knife? Perhaps you have found yourself with shells on your lobster that were so hard to pull off that when you did get the meat out, some of it flew across the table. The fact is, there are some foods that are not easy to eat. As a chef, you do not want anyone who comes to your dinner party to find themselves unable to sit down and enjoy their meal.

Spot problem foods in your menu. Which foods are difficult to eat? Foods that require extra utensils are going to be a problem, such as shellfish. You may want to consider other foods that are hard to chew. Some meats, no matter how well cooked, are just more difficult to chew than others. Some foods are just messy If these are foods that are on your menu, you have two choices. You can choose to remove them from the menu. On the other hand, and often the better case, is to make enjoying these foods easier.

What can you do? If there are hard shells, a good place to start is by removing the meat from the shells for the individual before it arrives at their plate. Instead of handing everyone a plate with a lobster on it, serve a lobster soup that has larger clumps of the meat in it. The key here is to find ways to present the same food that makes it slightly easier to eat.

There are times when this may not matter. During important dinner parties and definitely during employment opportunities, you definitely do not want to allow your guests to have to manage tea sandwiches that will not stay together.

Keep foods cut in the proper portion to avoid any potential problem with consuming them. Take some time to slice foods properly so that they are bite sized pieces. Always take the time to remove pits and other items from the foods that could not only be uncomfortable to manage but also dangerous to consume. It only takes the chef a few extra minutes to handle this type of a problem.

Sitting down to a great meal is important to anyone. It is just as important to leave the table clean, feeling full and most definitely comfortable. By taking a few extra steps ahead of time, you can make this possible.

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