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  Getting and Using Feedback  
As you grow and develop into a great chef, it will be important to take into consideration what other people think. Many beginning chefs make the mistake of not getting enough feedback. They are hoping that they know better, with or without their culinary education. One thing is important to remember. Your cooking is only as good as people's tastes for it. That does not mean you should write off your style. Rather, invest in what they are saying.

There are several things you can learn from what other people have to say about your cooking. First, you will need them to be honest with you. As you prepare and test recipes on them, you need their honest input. This information can then be used to make changes to the recipe in an effort to perfect them. The process may seem long, but ultimately it is that,  that leads to success.

Get useful information from those that taste your recipes. What did they not like? Perhaps it had too much spice or not enough. Perhaps they wanted more salt. Perhaps they did not like the texture of the dish. These are all little things that can be adjusted as you go. Ultimately, they will lead to improved quality in each of the recipes that you complete.

Ultimately, it is the chef that has to make decisions regarding the quality of the food that they place on the plates of their guests. It takes a great deal of time to perfect a recipe, unless you are just changing up a good old sand by. Even then, it is essential to get the attention of those who you need to impress.

One of the biggest problems that individuals run into is taking criticism to heart. Don't do it. Rather, use this as a tool to helping you to improve your overall abilities and to strengthen your ability to create fantastic dishes. The more information you gather from those who try your dishes the better. In fact, the last thing you want to hear at their first tasting of your first recipe try is that it is great! Rather, you need to know what information they can provide beyond that. Where can you tweak the recipe to get better results?

The best part of creating your own recipes is working with them until they have that wow sensation that shows you that people really do like them.

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