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  Equipment For Perfect Chefs  
The perfect chef needs to have the right equipment in order to stand out from the rest.  Although every kitchen will come equipped with equipment, a great chef will have their own equipment and tools that only they work with.  Thereís a saying that a great chef is only as good as their next dish.  And the ideal dish starts with the chef having all the necessary tools to work with.
Depending on what type of chef you are, youíll be using different equipment and tools.  For instance, a pastry chef will most certainly have their own pastry and garnishing tools, bakeware, and cake decorating supplies.  There are, however, some basic pieces of equipment that every chef will want to have beside them in the kitchen.
Perhaps the most important tools for a chef are knives.  Every chef, no matter what they are creating, needs a good set of sharp knives.  There are many different types of knives but there are three basic ones that every chef needs: a 7 inch butcher knife, a 4 inch utility knife, and a paring knife.  This standard knife set is enough to get any chef started, although youíll soon want to add more to your collection, such as a boning knife and a cleaver.
A cutlery board is another piece of equipment that many chefs donít want to share with others in the kitchen.  Whether itís a wood board or one made from plastic, good chefs make sure to clean and store them correctly each time they are used.  And most chefs will have more than one cutting board, reserving one just for meats, another for vegetables, and one for cutting strong flavoured foods such as onions and garlic.
Personal measuring cups are another item a good chef doesnít want to be without.  Youíll need a set of wet measuring cups for liquids as well as dry measuring cups for dry ingredients such as flour, sugar, and grated carrots.  Having your own set of measuring cups close to you in the kitchen means you wonít have to go hunting them down from the other side of the room, only to find that they are being used by another cook.
There are many other pieces of cooking equipment that the perfect chef might want to have their own set of for their exclusive use.  This can include pots and pans, mixing bowls, a knife sharpener, and countless other gadgets. Good equipment leads to perfection in the kitchen.

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