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  Characteristics Of A Great Chef  
So you love being in the kitchen, but do you have the characteristics to be a great chef?  Being a great chef doesnít happen overnight.  It takes a lot time and perseverance to be a chef.  There are a few characteristics that are going to make the difference between your being a good chef and a great one.
One of the first things youíll learn is that you need to be good at multi tasking.  There isnít a day that goes by where you wonít have to do many things at one time.  Most kitchens move at a very fast pace and youíll have to learn to keep up no matter what is happening around you.  Youíll need to make quick decisions and think things out very clearly.  What are you going to do if that lamb youíve been cooking canít possibly be ready in ten minutes?
If you want to run your own restaurant and kitchen youíll need to make instant decisions so that everything runs smoothly.  The kitchen is a busy and noisy place with lots of people running around trying to get a job done.  A great chef has the ability to tune out what isnít significant and focus on what is important at that time.  
Successful chefs are able to monitor everything that is being prepared in the kitchen while at the same time staying on top of their own duties.  If someone else is having problems, the head chef needs to be able to assist at the drop of a hat without missing a beat.  A kitchen runs smoothly when the chef is able to inspire everyone to stay focused even it seems as though things are falling apart.
No restaurant is going to serve only one dish.  This means the chef will need to be cooking many things at one time, especially if the restaurant is a busy and successful one.  And no matter how busy the restaurant is, every dish will have to go to the table with perfection or else the reputation of the restaurant as being ďsuperbĒ will soon falter.
Alongside all the quick thinking and multi tasking that goes on in the kitchen, a great chef will need to be creative.  Itís this creativity that is going to make one chef stand out more than another.  Diners donít want to choose from the ordinary.  They want to eat food that is unique, inspiring, and great tasting.  Great chefs have the ability to pull all this together to achieve perfection.

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