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  Catering To Unique Tastes  
How does a great chef handle those picky eaters? It could be your child or even an adult. There is no question that it can be very frustrating to spend hours over the stove preparing a meal only to find out that the individual it is being made for does not like one or more f the ingredients in the meal. The first step is to realize this is not an insult to you, the chef. Rather, it is an opportunity for you to strike out and impress the individual as well as your other guests.

If there are allergies within a family or a group, these need to be adhered to. There is no excuse for a chef not to know about allergies within their guest list. The key instead is to be sure to either inform the guests coming to the home of the menu ahead of time and encourage them to ask questions. Or, if this is not possible, the other option is to ask guests as they arrive if there is anything you should know when preparing their meal. In most cases, there is no problem.

Now, what about that individual that may not like the food you are serving but has no medical reason not to eat it? Let's consider a child, for example, how do you convince them to try the dish even as they push it away? With children a good option is to simply bring them into the kitchen and have them help you to prepare it. When children are involved in even the smallest of tasks in the kitchen, they feel great about themselves and are more willing than ever to try new foods.

For the adult who is being picky, let them know that you have gone to great lengths to try out a new recipe, one you are sure they will enjoy. Encourage them to try the dish, asking them to give your recipe a try. If they simply will not do so, then don't force it on them. Most adults will still consume at least some of the food out of respect.

When it comes to those who have unique tastes in foods or those who are just overly picky, it may be best to find foods that they do enjoy and to have those prepared for them. When you just want everyone to enjoy your meal, encourage him or her to try it.

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