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  The Process of Baby Weaning  
How does baby weaning actually happen? The process can be long and complex, but a short version of the process can be described in one word: gradual. In other words, you and your child should take the process slowly working towards the common goal of no longer breastfeeding but allowing the child to rely solely on solid foods for their nourishment. The process also involves a great deal of time to work through in terms of emotional stability. You and your child need to both be ready for the break and you both should be physically able to make the switch.

Introducing The Process

As your child gets older, his or her stomach gets larger. They no longer are able to feel full from drinking just breast milk. This may cause them to want to breast feed more often and over time, you can become very overwhelmed by the process. This is when it becomes time to introduce some solid foods to the child's diet. Most babies will start with an introduction to baby cereal which is a white product that breast milk may be added to in order to make it more acceptable to the child. Once your doctor says that you can introduce more solid foods to the child's diet, try it.

This is the first step in the process of baby weaning. As soon as the child begins to eat some solid foods, you will need to be encouraged to do so. Never allow the child to try more than one type of new food in any three day period as you need to ensure that he is not allergic to the food. Over the time, incorporate meals, where the child is eating three meals of baby food coupled with fewer sessions at the breast for feeding. You are likely to see that the baby is more willing to eat foods, as they get older.

Finishing The Process

There is no simple process to stop breastfeeding altogether. Rather, the process should be done as a slow one, where the child slowly starts to replace their breast milk with solid foods. In doing so, the child will become more accustomed to eating solid foods and will be less likely to be interested in the breast feeding. Eventually, you will be able to introduce cow's milk to the child's diet as they are old enough. This can be an instant replacement of breast milk for an older child.

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