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Are you ready to stop breastfeeding your child? If so, you may be unsure of where to start, or stop the process. Each child is different and it is very important for a parent to make the right decision for their child. To accomplish this, it is very important consider if your child is ready. Here are some steps to follow to help you through baby weaning.

Step 1: Determine If Your Child Is Ready

A child under the age of six months should switch to a formula if they are not breastfeeding any longer.  A child that is over six months should be eating some solid food. Once they are eating most of their calories from solid food, you can consider switching them to a cup instead of breastfeeding.

Step 2: Keep Security

As you stop breastfeeding, one normally scheduled meal a week, keep in mind that your child still needs lots of security. Each week, remove one breastfeeding from the schedule. During that time, do things that keep the child occupied but also secure and comfortable. Cuddle together. Spend time playing together. This keeps them emotionally strong through the event. Be sure that the child is able to let go in this way.

Step 3: Keep It Positive

Each child will be different amount stopping to feed from the breast. Some will ask for it. Others will never think twice about it. It is best to keep the child who is asking distracted so there is no concern about the process. If they ask for it, tell them they can breastfeed later. Right now, you should have something fun for them to do, like going outside to play.

Step 4: Encourage Dad To Participate

Now is a great time for dad to start helping with meals and to start playing with the baby during breastfeeding times. It is often important for dad to get involve in feeding the child solid foods so that they can break from thinking that only mom provides this.

Step 5: Know That Nights Are Toughest

Night breastfeeding, like that prior to bed, is often the most difficult time to break from. Encourage the child to read or just spend time cuddling together. Have a bedtime snack first.

The process should be gradual. Encourage your child to breastfeed if it is needed. But, work towards breaking the habit slowly. You and your child will appreciate the process if you go through it like this.

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