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  The Controlled Crying Technique  
Possibly the most effective way to get a child to fall asleep is through the Controlled Crying Technique. This is not the same thing as leaving a child to cry. Through this technique you are able to recognize if the child is simply wanting comfort, or attention, or if perhaps they need a diaper change.
Controlled crying can be hard for parents to do because most parents do not want to have to listen to their baby cry. This results in an emotional panic, where the parent feels the need to have to soothe, and protect. You may feel like you are losing control, and feel a rush of adrenaline. It is simply your bodyís reaction to hearing your baby cry

Understanding The Cry

There are two different types of cries. If your child is crying in a high-pitched continuous cry or a low, groaning sound. The child should be tended to. The child could be in severe distress or pain. If your child cries like this check on her immediately to see what is the matter. Crying for attention, or for comfort sounds different than the pain cry. It begins as a whimper or wail, but then breaks into intervals, as though the child is waiting for the result, or reaction, then it returns. Imagine it as a wave pattern, cry, wait, cry again. Until you can recognize the difference between the cries, it is not recommended to try this technique.


The first time you hear the child cry, spend moments listening, it will be hard not to pick him up. If the crying is not distress, go to the child after a good amount of time. Donít turn on the light, talk or make eye contact, look at the tummy or nose, this may be very hard to do. Simply say "shh", and rub his back or tummy. Replace the covers and leave. Your child will wake and cry again, wait for double time to go to him, and do the same technique. When it happens again, double your length of time, and then repeat the technique. This will probably be in extremely difficult technique to master, because you simply want your baby to not cry and sleep. It may not get easier for you, but it can be extremely effective. The results should be seen in about one week.

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