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The Happiest Baby on the Block Method developed by Harvey Karp, MD. Dr. Karp is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at UCLA and believes that babies were born at a time when they are actually in a ďfourth trimesterĒ and are not fully developed. He designed a series of techniques, when done with exact precision can get a baby to fall asleep and sleep an estimated 1-2 hours extra each night.

Dr. Karpís belief is that these methods recreate the tightness of the womb that the baby is used to.

1. Swaddling

Tight swaddling recreates the tight touch and warmth that the baby now misses from the Motherís womb.

2. Side/Stomach Position

Place your baby, while still holding her, either on her left side to help digestion, or on her stomach for support. Once she is asleep you can safely place her into her crib on her back to prevent SIDS.

3. Shushing Sounds

These white noise sounds are reminiscent of the sounds heard within the womb, which is a whooshing sound caused by the blood flowing through the arteries near the womb. A vacuum cleaner, hair dryer and fan can reenact the sound, or you can purchase his white noise CD.

4. Swinging

Baby was used to the swinging stimulation of the womb, and to be removed from it is a shock to the babyís system. Care rides and rocking can substitute for this now missing swinging. This motion is extremely calming and your baby has a hard time adjusting to it not being there.

5. Sucking

The sucking that a baby does has effects on the nervous system. It triggers a calming reflex and releases natural chemicals to the brain. Sucking can be done with a bottle, pacifier, finger or breast.

This technique can be extremely effective. If you need more than just a simple written account, you can search Dr. Harvey Karpís name and find videos of him doing the technique. He stresses that there is a certain precision and style needed in order for the technique to be effective. He dedicates his life to studying babies, and the technique does work. It is essential to watch him do it, so that you recreate it in the right way and donít cause your baby any harm.

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