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  Teething and Baby Sleeping  
The tooth fairy has yet to grace her with your presence, but the first step to needing that little pixie: your baby teething. Can you imagine how much of a bother it would be to have a horrible toothache while trying to sleep? Try and imagine it for your baby.

Teething is the process by which infants teeth begin breaking through the gums. This process could be what is affecting your baby’s ability to sleep. The standard teething period is anywhere between three months to as late as 12 months. Even before the three-month mark, the baby may begin to show signs of early teething.

Know The Teething Signs

    •    Mood is poor
    •    Loss of appetite
    •    Chews on objects
    •    Gums are swollen or bruising
    •    Excessive salivating

The best way to check if a baby is teething is to do the gum-massage test. Your baby will more than likely allow a finger along their gum lines, than have the patience to have you look into their mouth for an extended period of time. You place your finger along the baby’s gum line and feel for swollen ridges of pre-teething gums. Babies reactions to teething vary, some are once a month teethers to sporadically teething. The most painful may also be the most obvious: when many teeth begin to come in at the same time.

Sleeping While Teething

During the day, try a teething ring, a water-filled rubber teething toy. Make sure it is a true teether, and not a smaller toy that may cause your child to choke. Mom or dad’s fingers can also help to “chomp” on for the baby, and apply a gentle pressure along the gum line. A cold spoon, while held by Mom or Dad may help the teething process. Cold food including chilled applesauce, yogurt pureed peaches, cool frozen fruit juice, and a popsicle can help to soothe the baby’s tooth pain. If the baby wakes up during the middle of the night, the best things to do is place a cool appropriate teething ring or fingers and soothe and hold the baby until fully asleep.

Consult Your Doctor. 
A good pediatrician is a godsend. The best way to help your baby sleep though teething is through medication: a numbs-it type gel, Orajel, and Baby Motrin. Before placing your child on medication, you should consult your doctor for the proper instructions.

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