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  Refusing to Sleep  
This might be the biggest problem when it comes to baby or child sleep: refusing to sleep. There are even some adults who absolutely hate the idea of sleeping. They will push it off, often falling asleep on the couch, or even while sitting down having a conversation!

When a child refuses to go to sleep they are depriving themselves of sleep needed to grow and you and your partner of much needed rest and alone time. This may simply be a stubborn child who doesnít want to rest. It is key though to maintain a sensible bedtime, around 8 pm. You simply have to stick to a routine, let them know about a timetable, and relax them so they want to go to sleep.

There are signs of a sleepy child. A yawn is certainly one of them. Red or droopy eyes are others. As are tears before bedtime. It is as though their bodies simply shut down and the only thing that seems to work is their voice and tear ducts. Thumb sucking and flopping onto the floor are also examples that your child is tired.

You let them know it is 5 minutes until you take a bath. The bath can be one that includes lavender meant to relax the baby. Then tell them it is two minutes until you get out of the bath. Once they are in bed tell them you will read them a story and then they will go to sleep. Do not be surprised if they are suddenly thirsty. Provide them with a glass of water before their bath and nighttime potty trip. Then place them in their bed, kiss them good night, tell them you love them and walk out.

 If they get out of bed, do not get angry simply walk them back into the room and into their bed and walk out. This may take some discipline, but you will eventually wear them out. Children will try every trick in the book, from I need milk, to my clothes are itchy, to please mom just talk to me. They will try and wear you down with their cuteness. But remind yourself that they need sleep and so do you. They need it to grow and not be irritated. You and your spouse need to be reenergize, and distress.

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