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  Home Remedies For Baby Sleeping  
Have you ever wondered if there any home remedies you can do that will help your baby sleep through the night? There are a few.

Baby Bath

The bath can be an extremely soothing place for a baby. Use a gentle product such as Aveeno or Johnsonís Calming Lavender product line to cleanse their delicate skin. While you are drying the baby, you can place a few drops of lavender into the bath water and run it again, on warm. The lavender smell will fill the bathroom and may relax your baby as you towel dry her. While the tub is filling again, breath in the aromatherapy steam and gently rock your baby and sing to her.

Baby Massage

You can drop a few drops of that same lavender or mandarin oil, into your babyís gentle baby lotion. These two oils are calming and have a sedative affect, making it easier for baby to sleep. You can gently give your baby a massage. Do it much lighter than you would an adult, remember babies are tiny and delicate. Massage the baby oil over. She will love the way this feels and it may help her to sleep through the whole night.


After your baby is all smooth and soft, swaddle her tightly so that she can feel that comforting warmth she was so used to in the womb. Sing soothing lullabies, or just talk to her in a soft voice. Let her know you love her with all her heart and feel so lucky that you get to put her to bed each night. She will feel your love. Even though a crying baby can sometimes be frustrating, imagine how hard it is for her adjusting to this big new world. Simple enjoy the fact that you get to cuddle with a beautiful baby and try and improve her baby sleep.

When trying essential oils and new baby products, you might want her to sleep with you to ensure no reaction occurs. You need to be certain any essential oil is exactly what it says it is. Make sure it is all natural, and only one or two products. You do not want to irritate the babyís skin. Soothing oils such as lavender and mandarin should be fine, because they are gentle, but one can never be too careful.

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