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  Enough is Enough Baby Sleeping  
When is enough, enough? When is it time to start to try the techniques of baby sleeping alone? That depends on you, and your baby. It is enough, when the joys of having a baby sleeping close to you, or waking you up in the middle of the night, truly start to affect you or your spouse.

No One Else

It really has nothing to do with other people. If you are trying to compete with other families, itís a waste of time. This needs to be about your own familyís needs. You need to be able to sit back and ask if this is the right time to add more stress to your life. Or is it the perfect time to take some out by having baby sleep in their room, in their crib.


The only way to a happy family, a happy marriage and a happy baby is through communication. Talk to your wife or husband and let them know that youíre not sure if itís the right time right now to have the new little one sleeping on his own. Be honest. Ask for their opinion. If they are adamant one way or the other let them explain to you why.

Weigh Your Options

Evaluate the options that you do have. You can continue to go to on living a with a baby between you in both great and not so great ways, or right down the hall. Maybe you feel itsí time to have the baby sleeping on his own because itís taking a toll on your sex life. Maybe you liked the feeling of being in only each otherís arms on certain nights, without a baby crying.

Donít Let It Affect Sex

Even though you have a baby, that doesnít mean you need to stop having sex, or being intimate at all. You can certainly have sex in other areas of your home other than your bed. And you can always have sex and be intimate with one another while the baby is sleeping.

Make A Decision

You should come to the conclusion together. If you both think it is fine for right now, and other parts of your intimate relationship isnít being affected by the babyís sleeping quarters, than keep things the same for a while. If it isnít working, buckle down and get the technique going to get baby sleeping in his own room.

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