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  Baby Sleeping Techniques  
There are many different techniques you can use when trying to get your baby to sleep better, or through the night.

Cry It Out

There is the old-fashioned cry it out technique, that many people do not feel is okay. You simply let your baby cry all night along until he falls asleep on his own. This technique is frowned upon because there is a lack of attachment and caring that may affect your babyís ability to trust you.

Controlled Crying

The controlled crying technique is used first, by understanding what type of cry should warrant attention. If the baby is crying in distress, always go to her and see what is causing the pain. This cry will be a continuous high pitched cry, or low groan, but it will be continuous. The other type of cry, is more than likely what your baby is doing now. It is known as the attention cry. It may start out as a well, but will then pause, as thought the baby is waiting for a reaction, and than another cry. You are supposed to calmly go into the room, keep the lights off, walk to the crib, avoid eye contact, and gentle run the babyís back, say "shh" and walk back out. You will notice that the baby will stop crying and then start again, either in a few minutes or an hour. You space out your time so that each time is farther apart than the last one in going in to soothe the baby.

No Crying

Some parents simply canít stand the sound of their baby crying. They just want to stop what sounds like pain, If the baby is giving an attention cry, there is no pain, he just wants comfort. Some parents pick the baby up and hold until he goes back to sleep.

Whatever method you choose is up to you. You can usually see the best results with the controlled crying technique. Cry It Out can simply feel neglectful. Simply try and stay calm when it comes to your baby sleeping and your baby crying. You may feel irritated because you are also tired. Try and portray to your baby though that you love him and you want to soothe him. It may be the best technique that you can use, one that is filled with love.

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