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  Baby Sleeping For New Dads  
Oh, dad, you are certainly wrapped around her finger arenít you? Why do people say that like itís a bad thing. A man caring so much for a child, my goodness, could there be anything more attractive? So what do you do when that little girl you love and that little boy thatís your pride and joy just wonít stop crying and wonít sleep?

Identify What Is Really Important to You

You know you have to sleep, because you have to work in the morning. And you also know that your beautiful wife, who your daughter looks just like needs to sleep because she is exhausted from a new baby. You know everyone keeps telling you she should be sleeping through the night already, and you can let her cry, it wonít hurt her. So, you try that. You peek into that room, and you know she can already sense you, because the crying stops. She sees you as you start to back out of the room, and that beautiful little face bursts into tears. You just canít take it anymore when you look at her through the crack and now she knows youíre looking at her. You walk in and she gives you that smile. Youíre done.

Make The Right Decision For You

Yes sheís got you. And thatís okay. You can carry her into bed and place her between you and your wife. She holds onto you as though you are exactly what she needs to make her sleep better. So you all cuddle together, and just enjoy this time together. Itís not always going to be this way. So, just try and enjoy it. Enjoy that she loves you so much that the only thing right now that comforts her is the warmth from you or your wife. Donít give her everything she wants, because you donít want her to be spoiled. But if this is the thing that works best for her and you and your wife, it is okay and there is no need to feel bad, because  the family down the street had four kids who all slept in their own beds at three months. Donít do this forever. Maybe see if she starts to become okay with sleeping in her crib in time. If not, try those other techniques. But for right now, she needs you, so just enjoy it.

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