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  Baby Sleeping and Intimacy  
It is important to ensure that your babyís sleep habits are not affecting your marriages intimacy. Your baby is now the center of your world, but your marriage can still share that spotlight.

Talk To Your Spouse

Make sure that in order to soothe any feelings of jealousy between your spouse and your baby, and there might be some, you still give your spouse attention. Talk to him about things other than your baby. Talk about sports, or golf, or something you know he will enjoy.

Stop Talking

One of the best things to do if your babyís sleep is affecting the intimacy you and your husband used to have, is to just stop talking and touch. Let him know that you want him. It is important to still have sex. If the baby is waking up in the middle of the night, try having sex in the morning, while the baby is still asleep. Even try it when your husband comes home from work, and perhaps the baby is taking a nap.

Get Going

Go on dates with each other still. Being a parent is a great thing, but being a great wife and husband to each other is an absolute necessity. You can simply go and have dinner, and get dressed up like you used to for a date. You can even have a trusted babysitter watch your little one, or either of your parents while you have a special night or weekend out of town with each other. Even if you take the baby out of town with you, it is important to still go on a date, even if the baby is now on it. A great little get away, even for a night, can make a huge difference in how your babyís sleep pattern is affecting intimacy.


It is important that after the baby is born you continue to touch your partner in soothing ways. A simple kiss here and there, or sitting on the couch next to each other while holding hands are great ways to show one another, that even though baby might be keeping you up at night, you still want each other.


Continue to tell each other you love one another and show it. Do not just use words. Surprise your husband with tickets to the big game, and give your wife a gift certificate to a spa. 

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