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  Allergies and Baby Sleeping  
Is the reason your baby is not sleeping because she is allergic to something that is keeping her awake? Allergies can affect a baby in an enormous and uncomfortable way, and lead to discomfort through the night.

What Is An Allergy?

An allergy is an immune reaction to substance, called an allergen. Allergy can range from mild, including pollen to a severe and fatal anaphylactic shock. Common allergies range from hay fever to insects, drugs to food. Many allergies can prompt asthma and cause life threatening anaphylactic shock brought on by food allergies that can cause death. When an allergen affects your baby by touching, breathing, eating or injection, the body views it as a harmful invader and releases histamines and chemicals to fight it off.

What Are the Symptoms?

    •    Runny nose
    •    Watery eyes
    •    Coughing, particularly at night
    •    Congestion
    •    Red, irritated skin
    •    Swelling of the skin
    •    Sneezing

Skin and blood tests performed by your doctor can also determine an allergy.

What Might Be Causing an Allergic Reaction?

Just about anything can cause an allergic reaction in the sensitive and still developing baby immune system. Common reactors are mold, dust, animal dander, milk, eggs, nuts, particularly peanuts, baby wash, detergent, clothing material. Mom’s breast milk is a better choice, as some baby formula can cause a reaction.

What To Do About An Allergy

Never, ever underestimate the severity of an allergy. Allergies can range from annoying nuisance to a life-threatening dilemma; it could also be what is keeping your baby from sleeping through the night. Allergies and asthma may be causing your child physical discomfort, or the inability to breathe. Asthma is a chronic disorder of the respiratory system. The airway swells, and breathing becomes difficult. Asthma can occur daily, or in unexpected outbursts. Food allergy insomnia is a sleep disorder caused by intolerance to a type of food. Allergies affect over 20% of the U.S. population. If either parent has allergies or asthma, the baby may have inherited these conditions. As always the best thing to do is consult your baby’s physician. If the reaction occurs immediately after contact, for example if your baby’s hands begin to swell or she begins coughing right after eating a certain type of food, that may be your allergen. The best thing to do is avoid contact all together. If the baby’s symptoms come about after interacting with a pet, the animal may have to be placed outside, or in the garage, to avoid harm to your child.

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