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  5 Steps to Getting Your Baby To Sleep  
Do you want to make it much easier for your children to fall asleep? It really can be simple, just be organized and consistent. The following steps will help you.

Wear Them

Wear your baby in a baby sling on your body for about 30 minutes before bedtime. This will make your baby feel comfortable and remember the tightness of the womb. There are many different options when it comes to baby slings. You simply have to choose what you are comfortable with. Keep the baby in front of you and also make sure that babyís face is uncovered to help them breathe correctly.


Give the baby a soothing bath before bed time. Use calming or essential oils to help relax the baby even further. Even if he doesnít seem to like the bath the first time, do not give up. The first bath might be very scary, for you and the baby. Newborns are tiny. and their skin is soft, it gets extremely slippery when wet.


Apply a few drops of natural essential oil to the lotion base you use and watch your babyís reactions as your give him a massage. Rub your hands gently all over the little one. See what he likes and what he doesnít and adjust. Be careful when rubbing over his little tummy if he just ate. You may find he has gas, or that he belly is full. A back rub is a great way for a baby to relax. Make sure that you turn their head to the side so that their breathing is never constricted though. You can easily give a massage while the baby is laying down, but more than likely the newborn will want to feel your warmth, so you can apply the lotion while he is laying down and then hold him in your arms and massage.

Voice Soothing

Talk to the little baby, let him look up at you with those little eyes and look right back into his eyes. Your face can be  great learning toy for the baby, and he will become fascinated. You want the baby to trust you so talk or sing him lullabies.


Try putting your baby into a baby sleeping bag or specialized baby sack. It may be just what you have been hoping for to get your baby to sleep.

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