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  5 More Tips To Get Your Baby To Sleep  
Does it feel like you are trying everything to get your baby to sleep though the night? If you havenít already tried these tips, they are great.

Feed Your Baby During The Day

You want to train your baby to understand that daytime is for eating and nighttime is for sleeping. Many babies enjoy waking up to simply feel their motherís warmth, and enjoy some breast milk. It becomes a comfort and demand for babies who know that they will now receive it in the middle of the night. Many toddlers get so busy during the day playing, and discovering new things, they forget to eat. This is where you come in. Feed your baby every three hours. To break the habit of waking to eat throughout the night, you should give a full feeding at the first waking.

Give The Baby A Calm Day

Are you very stressed out? Are you always in a rush? Perhaps leaving the baby at a day care provider too much for the baby. Perhaps the day care provider is not the right fit for your baby. Try and give the baby a calm day. Push your baby in a stroller, go for long walks to mellow out your baby.

Father Down

Place your babyís head against the front of your neck with your chin resting on the babyís head. The vibrations of the voice can put the baby to sleep. If this doesnít work lie down with the baby in the same position and let the baby fall asleep on your chest. Once the baby is completely asleep, ease the child onto the bed. You can cuddle with the baby, and then gentle slide away.

Wear The Baby, Literally

Studies have shown that babies who are worn in a baby sling fall asleep better than babies who are not. About a half an hour before babyís bedtime wear the baby around the house. Make sure she is fully asleep and then place her into her crib.


Newborns like for their clothes to be tight. You will more than likely receive a lesson on how to swaddle by the nurses before you leave the hospital. Older toddlers like for their clothes to be looser. Adjust the layer of clothing appropriately and dress baby in 100 percent cotton.

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