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  3 Great Companies For Baby Sleep Sacks  
The baby sleep sack or baby sleeping bag is a cute way to dress your baby. Baby sleep sacks have also been recommended to prevent in SIDS as the baby is kept warm, but there is not chance of a blanket covering the baby’s face and restricting air. These baby sleep sacks really might just be the product you have been looking for in helping with baby sleeping.

Sleep Huggers

Christa Schaffer the Founder and President decided to create Sleep Huggers Inc. after she received a similar sack from a friend in Europe. She noticed that her babies slept better, and really wanted to bring the product to other people. The Sleep Hugger works like a wearable blanket. They offer Sleep Hugger Sleep Sacks for more warmth, Lightweight Sleep Sacks, and even clearance items at only 14.99. They are really cute and have great colors and designs. Their colors are a wide variety of pastels including pink, green and blue; as well as brown, tangerine and pink bunny print.

Baby In A Bag

This company is a family business, the owner Christina Riedel created the company after a visit to her mother-in-law’s house in Germany. She was amazed when her mother-in-law placed  their five-month-old baby in a garment she had never seen before. It was a baby sleeping bag. She was amazed she had never heard of it and what was even more incredible was that it wasn’t available in the U.S. They have 100 percent cotton baby bags, and also a 75.00 PamperSack Royal Silk 100 percent soft Charmeuse silk and is available in white or light green. These include coordinate zippers and snaps. She also offers stylish animal print, and lightweight fabric for the summer.


Grobag invented the toddler proof zip click that prevents toddlers from unzipping the zipper on their sleeping bag. They ensure that the bag fits properly, and are formulated to fit as small as 7 lbs. They also have a partnership with The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths. The carry very sweet Molly mouse, polka dot, apple, and sailboat designs.  

All of these companies offer precious designs and are committed to promoting what seemed to really help their children to finally sleep. Try them out and see which line works best for you.

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