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  3 Best Organic Baby Sleeping Bags  
Baby Sleeping Bags may be the one product that can help your little one sleep better. What are your options though if you only want eco-friendly organic materials near your babyís skin? You have quite a few actually!

1. Grembo Bags

These bags made by the Organic Baby Company are a completely 100 percent organic cotton baby sleeping bag. The outside is a soft organic cotton material and the inside is organic flannel. It is ideal for year-round use. Their products are mostly muted, nude, natural colors, except for the bright orange on the Orange Sun Summer Bag that is on sale. Their products are free of all dyes, pesticides, insecticides, bleach and other harmful chemicals and abrasive ingredients.

2. Organic Baby Sleep Bags and Sleep Sacks

These baby sleep bags by Natureís Baby Blankets. They are made from 100 percent pure, organic cotton, and contain no fire-retardant. They assure you that your baby will not be breathing in harmful chemicals from their Baby Sacks. They have neutral colors, with splashes of blue. While featuring the SIDS friendly sleeveless style, this company also offers long sleeved styles, some with a matching hat. Their products also contain nickel-free snaps. This company also has fleece styles and a wool bunting that is fabulous and looks so warm for baby. These products are made in China but in agreement with Free-Trade practices.

3. Home Grown Baby

This Home Grown Baby Sleeping Bag provided by Organically Hatched is made of naturally colored, organic cotton. They are grown without pesticides on environmentally safe plantations. The 2.5 tog features an outer layer of 100 percent organic velour with polyester wadding. The cute design displays a flower pot. This one is the priciest at 87.99.

These are just a few of the choices for an organic baby sleeping bag. With the eco-friendly marketing that has been so abundant lately, there are many more outlets to find baby sacks from now. Read all of the information as some contain synthetic materials. Also, try to stick with baby sleeping bags that fit the guidelines that are suggested to prevent SIDS. You can try the various organic baby sleeping bag options and possibly find that your baby sleep through the night because of a comfortable, all natural product, designed to protect your baby. This is just a little something to ease your mind a little more.

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